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Volt 3.2 app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 9495 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: HB Holding
Current version: 5.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Feb 2009
App size: 1.59 Mb

New Features

IE or Firefox Modes

VOLT supports IE or Firefox modes. The limited compatibility allows you to see or visit those IE only websites. NOTE: Some IE restricted websites may not work with VOLT.

Brand New Bookmark.

To delete a bookmark, do a long horizontal swipe on a selected bookmark.

Full Screen View

Just shake it to get the full view. Shake it again to bring back the menu.

Brand New Page Links.
Works with Google, NY Times & Other News links.

Enabled Secured HTTPS Access.

Access a bank or a credit card web site in a secured channel in a public WIFI or 3G network at school, work or anywhere else in the world.
Access in a public WIFI network at school or work to scramble your emails, so they dont get recorded by the IT guys or other prying eyes.

Email Page Link

Send an interesting web site address to a friend or a coworker directly from VOLT.

Open Safari

Gotta open the current page in Safari for whatever reason? Yes, you can open it without remembering the address. Just tap it and it launches Safari with the current web page address.

Lean RAM Memory Footprint

VOLT uses almost no RAM memory. Why does that matter to me? Try to play a heavy-duty game or app after using Safari. Your RAM memory may be depleted to 15MB or less. Your favorite app may unexpectedly quit because you dont have it enough. Use VOLT. Unlike Safari, which consumes 20MB or more total, VOLT is a lean web browser, and it uses almost no RAM. So you can still play favorite apps or games after using VOLT and without using Safari.

Private / Anonymous Browser

VOLT deletes your browsing history which may be remained in your Mac/PC and iphone/ipod. Dont put yourself in an embarrassing situation, when your family members, friends or coworkers stumble upon your browsing history, after you check out few sites made for grown-ups.
-- You may double check this by opening Safari after using VOLT. You history trace is squeaky cleaned.

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Pros and cons of Volt 3.2 app for iPhone and iPad

Volt 3.2 app good for

...But can you please add that you can make tabs and perhaps a seperate google toolbar Thanks
I like this browser. Seems faster on start up than mobile Safari and more responsive while in use. Smoother scrolling and less lag time when loading identical pages. A few things I would like to see is multiple page support, a search bar & a way to stop the page from loading. Double tap and "pinching" are also a bit buggy.
Ya its faster than safari and it is less lagy as other guy said! But cooler name like Bolt browser and better icon
It needs a better icon like the safari 1 byt witha lock on it
Yeah its nice but know what it needs , the ability tu have tabs because som pages only open with some tabs so it is not funny you go on the site and nothing happen ( even with explorer) so with tabs , it would be GREAT
Nice but should have a loading signal so you know how long it takes to load

Some bad moments

Im not impressed. The visual is great, but it really has a lot of downsides. You cant remove bookmarks, you cant open different tabs/windows, you lose the page you were on if you leave the app, there is no history... It needs improvement.
This app isnt multitask: if we open another app it closes and when we come back to him, the last website isnt showed, but it opens the homepage again. Este aplicativo não é multitarefa: se abrir outro aplicativo ele fecha e quando voltamos a ele, o último site não é mostrado, mas abre a página novamente.
Too glitchy. Full of potential but no update in months. Dont buy it yet. Has too many bugs.
Yes it seems faster and can simulate many browsers. However popups are blocked. There is NO setting to allow popups like in safari.
I wanted access to three online company sites that I couldnt use without IE. Bolt seemed to block pop ups not allowing me to access one site. The other two acted the same as when I use Safari. I tried all three IE versions. I lost a 4 dollar gamble.
Bs, waste my money for nothin, needed to do one thing and it didnt

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