Volt 3.2 앱 리뷰

Doesnt work

It doesnt work with iphone 5s!!! Version is not compatible!!! Money waste


You don't give an apps. Good review, they don't keep working on it and there are no updates.

Not working

Browser is not supported by new iOS update. Looks like a great app but please update. It constantly closes while browsing.

Does not work

Don't waste your money, could not open IE only website as advertised.

Doesn't work

It doesn't appear as Internet explorer. Waste of money. Don't say you haven't been warned


DO NOT waist your money on this app!!! Apple should be ashamed to steal money from there customers via this company! I would rate this a zero, but there is no option.

What a rip!

This app DOES NOT let you visit IE only sites, as it claims! Do not buy it! They are liars!

Its surprisingly good

The Volt has been very stable and working without a hitch. I really like it. I would give it the 5th star if it offered tabbed browsing.

Needs to support popups

Good app, but without popup support I am unable to visit the websites I need.


Wasted $10. Won't access secure sites. Needed it for work and wasted money. Someone should refund. Had only 4 days. Any one wanna buy a barely used Volt app? Half price? Darn.


Volt was much better when it was bolt. This has crashed 7 times since I updated to it. Luckily I didn't update bolt on my computer so I went back to the bolt version. Don't update it's not worth it!


Does not do as I claims not IE compatible

Free Browser Better

Don't waste your money, Atomic Web browser can handle and do more then this. This browser can not access any secure https websites. Weak, very disappointed....


It works just fine, you just have to set it up each time. Takes se getting used to.

This app don't work don't wast your money

It is a wast of money. It dose not work Don't wast your money

Not good - not bad

I got this when it was free; why does the price keep going up?


This app didn't allow me to get to an IE only site. Apple needs to offer a refund program!!

Pretty good

Just wondering why the price gets higher. Anyway the browser poser works good. No reason for it to be disliked.


Seems faster than safari but I can't even save an image in this browser...LAME.

Was hoping, but didnt work.

It wasn't able to assist me in looking at a company web page. There goes the most the most money I've ever dropped on an app, to waste.

Waste of money

Can not even navigate to an IP address.


I paid the full price, and installed, but don't see that it does anything different than what I had before I installed it. I wish someone could enlighten me on this app and its greatness ??

My brother likes it!

I wish you could have an option for saving the webpage like safari( i already read what you said about the app) so that i won't lose my search history and my page. I would like to also see multiple tabs.

Outlook 2003, finally on my iPhone!

Been looking for a solution to access Outlook 2003 for years without messing with system setting as I have multiple accounts, this finally works. Thank you!!!


Waisted Money is no working like app builder describe!

Didn't t work

Didn't t work on or sites as promised. Not worth the money

Not clearing browsing history!!!

Love this app, but suddenly started keeping the browsing history. What's up???

Complete waste

Will NOT work with ANGEL or with MLXchange. Both require different browsers, neither of which work

Didn't work

Needed to use it to access a IE only site for my business. After paying the $4.99 I expected it to work. Nope!

Business owner

The IE 6 7 8 emulator did not work on my security cameras



Not worth the price

Does fine until it has to go into a new window for site and then it drops. Lost five bucks on this one.

Same as safari

I got it when it was free but it's not much different than safari.


Laggy! Buggy! Crappy! PLEASE UPDATE!

Nice, but missing some features

Viewing full screen is nice, and not leaving a browsing history is cool, however there is no support for downloading a picture, you can only have one browser open at a time, and I've noticed that sometimes the bottom nav bar disappears, and I'm not sure how to get it back. I like it though and will continue to use it.

IE emulation doesn't work.

IE emulation doesn't work. Also it isn't the only browser that spoofs the I'd of IE or firefox. If you need that as I do try atomic browser it does allow you to use IE only sites that arbitrarily lock out other browsers for no reason.

Doesn't work on iPod touch

First the keypad won't stay on. Then Internet explorer mode will cause a freeze.

Let me explain...

I gave this 5 stars so the Devs will give us an update. I get that it's a browser clone and I'm cool with that but I wish it wasn't slower than my reg safari app. Can u add a Google Chrome clone?

ok but huge price oscilations

now its a free app its ok, but i wonder what will people that payed $5.99 for this ... 'thing' ... will say!


Got it to use a few web apps through my company VPN that are IE only. Any time there is a drop down to populate it is hit or miss if the browser will let me do it. Glad I didn't have to pay for it. Great concept that just plain doesn't work.


It needs the ability to search texts and zoom in and out.

Didn't work, ie page wouldn't load.

Same as safari, ie doest mask true browser.

Followed instructions, would not work.

I followed the instructions and set the browser poser, and the app still would not work. Trying to get my money back through iTunes.

Fading fast

I initially liked Bolt, but after 3 accasions of unresolved news article access problems and comparing it to others I see now I paid for it to fast. USA Today's free app is far better for quick news (and faster!). I am very dissapointed in this as a paid app. Must have a lot of friends rating for you!

Load of crap

This app will not let me type my password into my work site. I need char to be a cap. Can't use shift key. I tried holding it, double clicking it and still get a pop up saying that I need to use the shift key. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK!!!

Do not buy. Plz never buy like stupid me.

Waste money. Never working on ipod touch ever for internet explorer.


Everything that I liked about this doesn't work after the update, I loved it before, now there isn't a reason to have it. I guess I rented it for $4.

Didn't work for me.

Not only did it not work, I couldn't even click on the ID and PW fields. Two stars for the nice UI.

Did NOT work

I tried on youbet and it did not work. I still get error saying to use IE . I paid 3.99 for nothing.

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